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Why You Care About Big Data (Even If You Don’t Know You Do)

Buzzwords have varying levels of actual significance.  It doesn’t require significant meaning to a lot of people.  If social media “share” buttons cost money or had a limit, then maybe it would be easier to distinguish the buzzwords we should pay attention to from the ones that don’t represent an actionable trend.  But as long as…

I don't think I can shoot the hostage?

Choosing a Business Intelligence Vendor – Where to Begin

Pop quiz Hotshot!!  Your organization is flying blind.  Either you don’t have a technology strategy around business intelligence, the one you have isn’t working, or it’s become outdated or unsupported by other critical systems in your organization.  You have all this information in databases, and you may even be spending a significant amount of resources…

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Ten, er, Eleven Game Changing Advances in Microsoft Business Intelligence

Co-Written by Patrick Brady I came home from the SharePoint 2012 Conference fired up about all of the changes in the way Microsoft does BI, which to me are the most sweeping changes since the release of SQL 2005. Like 2005, I think that these technologies will change the way BI is delivered with Microsoft,…

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BI and Organizational Change

When I’m in a sales call discussing a potential BI solution we generally talk for hours about business processes and the current technology environments.  More often than not, I am asked by the potential client in some form or fashion “what do you see as the biggest challenge in solving our BI problems?”   Most of…

Links to Smart People

I am very fortunate to work in an industry with a lot of very smart people, many of whom are my contacts at Slalom. So I like to honor them the best, most sincere way I can; to blatantly steal from them. Well, really it’s not stealing from them if I cite their work and…

Enhancing Customer Experience and Creating Targeted Marketing Using Data

I loved this blog by Saken Kulkarni on using customer data to create targeted campaign marketing.  This is an industry I have worked in extensively lately and it’s a fascinating business, especially if you love data!

Designing Dashboards for the C-Suite

One of the reason a middle brained chap like myself loves Business Intelligence is that to dream up and execute a grand vision, it uses every part of your brain.  People who are just data/numbers junkies often fail because they short change the importance of the design, or “sexiness” of a report if you will. …

Healthcare Organizations and Big Data

Shiraz Rehman and Sameer Attharkar have written a terrific blog that examines some of the common perspectives on Big Data in Health Care, and what they might be missing.

Improving the Performance of Tableau Dashboards

Performance is a common topic when it comes to Tableau Dashboards.  In this post, Dan Montgomery explores a few options to increase performance and keep your users engaged.

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