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Links to Smart People

I am very fortunate to work in an industry with a lot of very smart people, many of whom are my contacts at Slalom. So I like to honor them the best, most sincere way I can; to blatantly steal from them. Well, really it’s not stealing from them if I cite their work and…

Enhancing Customer Experience and Creating Targeted Marketing Using Data

I loved this blog by Saken Kulkarni on using customer data to create targeted campaign marketing.  This is an industry I have worked in extensively lately and it’s a fascinating business, especially if you love data!

Designing Dashboards for the C-Suite

One of the reason a middle brained chap like myself loves Business Intelligence is that to dream up and execute a grand vision, it uses every part of your brain.  People who are just data/numbers junkies often fail because they short change the importance of the design, or “sexiness” of a report if you will. …

Healthcare Organizations and Big Data

Shiraz Rehman and Sameer Attharkar have written a terrific blog that examines some of the common perspectives on Big Data in Health Care, and what they might be missing.

Improving the Performance of Tableau Dashboards

Performance is a common topic when it comes to Tableau Dashboards.  In this post, Dan Montgomery explores a few options to increase performance and keep your users engaged.