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If you’re mission in life is to create an Information Management industry blog site that really stands out in the blogosphere, well, you really need new goals. There are a lot of them out there, and most of them are done by very smart people and I’ve probably used a thousand of them since I’ve been in this profession.

But just because it’s hard to create a unique site doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try (other than stealing the idea from some tall Ivy League identical twins who can afford fantastic lawyers).

My blogs will mostly be strategic in nature and targeted to technology or business leader who doesn’t have time to keep their ear to the ground and know what new technologies and trends are available in the world of Information Management and Analytics (IM&A). I will present articles on emerging trends, new technologies and new challenges when it comes to the way a company manages one of their two greatest assets; information.

One of the most common gaps in IM&A strategy and execution involves that other critical asset; people .  As someone who has been part of many “Information Revolutions” at really established companies, I can’t stress enough how much the human side of Information Management gets overlooked, and leadership forgets how threatening technology enablement can be to a worker who’s used to getting data the hard way, and making a career out of it.

I’m also a huge believer that imitation (and retweeting) is the sincerest form of flattery.  So any time I think something would be good to write about, but I find it’s already been written about well, I will include it on my Smart People Links section.

A futuristic look at Business Intelligence featuring Tom Cruise. Can anyone guess the movie?

And as you can tell, this site will be loaded with bad humor and bad movie references, again, just because I like to be different. Anyone can make their points with a lot of code samples and screenshots, right?

I hope you enjoy this site and please leave comments and let me know how I can make it better.

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