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Ten oughta do it, don't you think?  You think we need one more?  You think we need one more don't you?  Ok, we'll get one more.

Ten, er, Eleven Game Changing Advances in Microsoft Business Intelligence

Co-Written by Patrick Brady I came home from the SharePoint 2012 Conference fired up about all of the changes in the way Microsoft does BI, which to me are the most sweeping changes since the release of SQL 2005. Like 2005, I think that these technologies will change the way BI is delivered with Microsoft,…

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BI and Organizational Change

When I’m in a sales call discussing a potential BI solution we generally talk for hours about business processes and the current technology environments.  More often than not, I am asked by the potential client in some form or fashion “what do you see as the biggest challenge in solving our BI problems?”   Most of…

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